Women's Hair Loss Treatments & Therapies

Women suffer hair loss too…but there are real solutions

Hair loss in women can be caused for a variety of reasons including illness, genetics, even hormonal imbalance, but Advanced Hair Studio can provide highly effective solutions for all types of hair loss.

The answer to partial or complete female hair loss:

Advanced Hair Studio have been developing and perfecting hair replacement procedures for 35 years. This research led to the development of the patented Strand-by-Strand ® procedure that guarantees all women can have a full and totally natural head of hair again.

There is no surgery involved so there is no pain, no scarring and absolutely no risk. The Strand-by Strand ® procedure also enables you to enjoy an active lifestyle, whether it be swimming, jogging or any type of sports* activity, and you can do it with complete confidence.

Hair Loss Treatment for Women:

Regrow, thicker, stronger, healthier looking hair.

Advanced Laser Therapy ® is a powerful combination of programs: the latest laser beam technology, an FDA approved regrowth pharmaceutical, and proven scalp and follicle treatment programs.

Laser technology has revolutionized many aspects of our lives and this is also true of its beneficial affects on scalp and hair.

Advanced Laser Therapy ® is completely safe and visible benefits can occur in as little as three months.

Hair Loss in Women:

Every woman deserves a full, healthy looking head of hair.

The cause of hair loss in women are quite varied but Advanced Hair Studio can ensure that no matter what the reason the appearance of a full head of hair again can be achieved and maintained for life, this is our commitment in helping you tackle female hair loss.

Whether you are suffering from Alopecia, abnormal female hair loss or temporary hair loss due to illness or medical treatment, Advanced Hair Studio’s programs specifically designed to address hair loss in women can restore your appearance and self confidence.

Hair Loss Treatment for Women-Discover the right program for you:

The best way to find out what is the right program for you is to make an obligation free appointment with a hair specialist at Advanced Hair Studio. They can assess your hair and then advise on which program can restore or replace your hair to give you back the total confidence that you are looking for in a specific female hair loss program tailored to suit your hair loss needs.

*Continued aftercare is essential to taking part in the widest variety of sporting activities.