Our History in Treating Hair Loss

Advanced Hair Studio - Company Story

The Advanced Hair Studio hair loss treatment company of today, like many other highly successful service providers, started out small and grew strong. Having established a hair loss treatment presence in Australia in 1976, Advanced Hair Studio quickly grew to have an international presence. And, having successfully assisted over 500,000 hair loss clients throughout the decades, the reason behind our success is obvious.

As a leading hair loss regrowth and hair loss treatment provider, Advanced Hair Studio guarantees clients a state-of-the-art service. We keep up with the latest advances in hair loss technologies and hair loss treatment therapies so that you, the client, can benefit from exceptional hair regrowth solutions.

We also understand that dealing with hair loss, whether male or female, is a daunting prospect for many. This is why we choose our people very carefully. Hair loss is much more than a technical problem, requiring procedures. It is also a social issue. With the potential to rob self-confidence and identity, our highly skilled and trained experts know just how difficult hair loss, thinning and balding can be.

Due to our success in providing effective hair loss restoration solutions, our in-demand services means that we have spread across a number continents and have over 70 hair loss treatment studios. The demand for our hair loss treatment services continues to push the need for more studios.

Advanced Hair Studio has also been a popular hair loss treatment service provider for those in the spotlight. From high profile sportspeople to public entertainers, Advanced Hair Studio has been a constant. In fact, the success of our hair loss treatment has meant that many public celebrities now endorse the brand and our hair loss solutions. From Shane Warne to Sourav Gangully, each celebrity has experienced firsthand the transformation of our hair loss treatment procedures and hair regrowth.

With a solid presence in the hair loss regrowth, repair and restoration industry, which is due to our proven successes, Advanced Hair Studio looks forward to the next decades to come. To find out about how we can help you with a hair loss treatment, contact one of our studios today.

Carl A. Howell,