About Us

Why us?

At Advanced Hair Studio, we deliver hair growth solutions and hair loss treatment that really works. We provide cutting-edge hair restoration and hair replacement technologies, treatment and therapies to men and women of all ages. Advanced Hair Studio can provide a solution that is right for you. There is no one size fits all answer. Clients all over the world choose Advanced Hair Studio for their hair loss treatment. And, here’s why:

Proven track record since 1976. For close to forty years we’ve been changing our clients’ lives. Because we’ve been in the hair loss treatment business this long, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve seen every type of reason for hair loss and know how to treat it.

• Approximately 65 Advanced Hair Clinics globally. Our hair loss treatment success has meant that clients from all over the world have sought out our hair growth services. 

More than 500,000 success stories. Since being established, Advanced Hair Studio has successfully consulted around 500,000 clients all over the world with their hair growth.

Our Clients. At Advanced Hair Studio, we provide hair loss treatment solutions to men and women in all age groups. Whether you are a young man experiencing hair loss or a mature-aged women, Advanced Hair Studio has helped many different clients and can assist you with all your hair growth needs as well.

Our Growth. Advanced Hair Studio does not rely on just proven hair loss technologies and hair loss treatment. We also continuously explore and seek out new hair growth solutions that work more effectively and meet our clients’ hair growth goals. This all began when the founder of Advanced Hair Studio Carl A. Howell relocated back to Australia from the United States to seek out an improved method of hair loss treatment. And, since then, Advanced Hair Studio has not stopped improving their hair growth treatments and therapies.

Our Reputation. Advanced Hair Studio and its hair loss treatment and therapies are endorsed by many a celebrity client. These celebrities are initially treated by Advanced Hair Studio and are so elated with the results; they endorse our company and its hair replacement and restoration services. From Shane Warne to Michael Vaughan to Graham Gooch, the list of celebrities that have been blown away by our hair growth results is enormous.

Why not contact us today about an Advanced Hair Studio hair loss treatment solution. We provide the ultimate in hair growth solutions.

Carl A Howell